After marrying a man with a frigid heart, Sarah devises a plan to stay warm.
It's how Captain Johnny Adams deals with being short on cash.
Nina isn't too keen on her date
attempting to reschedule.
Two men dine at a restaurant and leave their waitress a big tip.
Two women battle it out for the love of their life.
I don't speak Spanish. Comprenda?
Roommates and rabbits.
Why they're both bad ideas.
How the cowboy wore out his welcome.
Sweet sixteen and the Texas DMV. Proceed with caution. 
Beating a bully is the best.
The skinny on skinny boyfriends
and giant SUVs.
Mostly facts. Infused with fiction.
Short, short stories. Just because.
It's not what I said, but what I couldn't.
Does everything really happen for a reason?