[+] The 2002 Camry iCafe microsite was actually two unique experiences funneled through one site.
       Below is the landing page that served as the portal into each. Click on either the XLE or the SE to activate site.
Client: Toyota Camry - "iCafe" microsite
Created iCafe microsite idea, developed architecture and navigation functionality, assisted in art directing look and feel of site,
and worked with writing partner to develop copy.

Create an interactive user experience for the completely redesigned 2002 Camry and focus on two trim levels: XLE & SE. Because these trim levels attract very different consumers, the challenge was to create one site that resonated with both demographics.

Developed one website that housed two distinct micro experiences. The XLE experience was more upscale. And the SE experience was more casual. To stay within budget we used the same location for both, but dressed the set, and talent, accordingly.