[+] instructions: SPACE BAR = fire       ARROW KEYS = move left & right
Client: ampm/ARCO - convenience store/gas station
Created the original concept for Snack Fighter. Developed game objectives, strategies, and characters. Wrote copy for game
and website with writing partner. Spearheaded and managed creative development on project.

Create a "game" to live on www.ampm.com that helps increase gas-to-store conversion rates.

Developed a simple & fun, old-school video game that reminded potential consumers that after you fill up your vehicle with ARCO gasoline, you can go inside ampm and fill up on yummy snacks.

The premise of the "Snack Fighter" video game is that the hero (Snack Fighter) flies around the universe, warding off aliens whose sole mission is to steal ampm's snacks from the humans. Snack Fighter must continually monitor his gauges and refuel with ARCO gas in order to sustain his ship. And as a reward for annihilating the aliens, Snack Fighter gets rewarded with corndogs, cokes, Twinkies, etc.
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Snack Fighter Video Game storyboard.